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RenoFi wants to make it easier for homeowners to finance renovations

Back in 2016, Justin Goldman’s young family had just moved to a Philadelphia suburb, into a house that ticked most of the boxes: great neighborhood, … ...Read More

Whatever Happened to the Starter Home?

As recently as the 1990s, when Jason Nageli started off, the home-building industry was still constructing what real-estate ads would brightly call the “starter home.” In the Denver area, he sold newly built two-story houses with three bedrooms in 1,400 square feet or less. The price: $99,000 to … ...Read More

'Don't Be a Donkey': The Best Leadership Advice From the Last 120 Years

In the fields of local expertise, there's a case for free-range leaders. "I'm NOT a donkey, and I don't have a field," goes the witty comeback from German political economist, Max Weber, after a faculty criticized him for publishing outside his discipline. More than a century later Weber's decry of … ...Read More

2022 Young Architect Award Names 3 Outstanding Wisconsin Architects

The AIA Wisconsin Young Architect Award was established in 2020 to honor individuals who, in the early stage of their professional career, have … ...Read More

Understanding the U.S. Housing Crisis in an Era of Inflation

By this point, the severity of the U.S. housing crisis is not in question: It’s a five-alarm fire marked by record home prices, spiking rents, … ...Read More

Hiring Isn't Enough. Winning the Talent Game Starts With Retention

Here are four ways to future-proof your retention and hiring strategy. Many are returning to the office this spring, perhaps for the first time since March 2020, but it is not the same as when we left it. The Covid-19 pandemic spurred rapid behavioral change, forcing people to rethink their … ...Read More

10 Reasons for Young Architects to Work in Small Architecture Firms -

As soon as architecture school students graduate, they find themselves facing their first career choice, and that is how to get architecture jobs … ...Read More

How to Be a Great Remote Manager

A longtime remote manager shares 6 simple ways bosses can make work-from-home teams more effective than they were back in the office. When Ryan Malone started his digital marketing agency SmartBug Media in 2008, he didn't bother opening an office. And as the company grew, he began to let staff work … ...Read More

It’s time to stop measuring productivity in hours

The pandemic has reinforced how foolish it is to link time and output, when it comes to knowledge-based work. In a 1996 episode of NBC’s Seinfeld, George discovers that he’s accidentally fooled his bosses, Steinbrenner and Wilhelm, after locking his keys inside of his car outside his … ...Read More

How Bernie Sanders helped make an expensive city in Vermont permanently affordable

Bob Robbins bought his home in 1995 amid a bout of long-term unemployment. Living with his wife and two kids in a rundown rental in Burlington, Vermont, he wanted to stabilize the family’s housing before his children started kindergarten. Prospects seemed bleak. The family’s savings had dwindled after … ...Read More

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