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10 Reasons for Young Architects to Work in Small Architecture Firms -

As soon as architecture school students graduate, they find themselves facing their first career choice, and that is how to get architecture jobs … ...Read More

How to Be a Great Remote Manager

A longtime remote manager shares 6 simple ways bosses can make work-from-home teams more effective than they were back in the office. When Ryan Malone started his digital marketing agency SmartBug Media in 2008, he didn't bother opening an office. And as the company grew, he began to let staff work … ...Read More

It’s time to stop measuring productivity in hours

The pandemic has reinforced how foolish it is to link time and output, when it comes to knowledge-based work. In a 1996 episode of NBC’s Seinfeld, George discovers that he’s accidentally fooled his bosses, Steinbrenner and Wilhelm, after locking his keys inside of his car outside his … ...Read More

How Bernie Sanders helped make an expensive city in Vermont permanently affordable

Bob Robbins bought his home in 1995 amid a bout of long-term unemployment. Living with his wife and two kids in a rundown rental in Burlington, Vermont, he wanted to stabilize the family’s housing before his children started kindergarten. Prospects seemed bleak. The family’s savings had dwindled after … ...Read More

Cutting Edge: Developers are thinking inside the cargo box

Slinging fresh juices and smoothies at two shops in Los Angeles, the owners of the Juice were initially skeptical when approached with an unusual proposition for a new location: an Arts District pop-up housed in a shipping container. Elizabeth Halpern and her business partner, Melissa Cronkhite, … ...Read More ...Read More

Articles about 5 outdoor dining areas we love on

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Libraries We Love Whether your bookcase spans an entire wall or exists solely on your nightstand, where you house your books speaks volumes about your lifestyle. Check out some of our favorite homes this week with top-shelf libraries. Featured homes were submitted by … ...Read More

China is building malls of the future that could come to the US soon

As the mall as we know it declines across America, a new era of shopping is emerging on the horizon. High-end, futuristic malls in China and parts of the US are upgrading technology, hoping to attract customers with “smart” shopping centers. “In the US, the malls look exactly the same they did 20 … ...Read More

The “Poor Door” and the Glossy Reconfiguration of City Life

By creating a separate entrance for affordable units, developers are squeezing the poor and middle class out of sight. Anyone who has dealt with the world of New York City real estate knows that its business is conducted in a euphemistic language second only to Orwellian Newspeak in sheer … ...Read More

A Bold Experiment In Building Homes The Middle Class Can Afford

Homeownership has become the great American (pipe) dream but Jonathan Tate thinks there’s a more inclusive way to build. Sandwiched between a nondescript duplex and industrial warehouse in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans, a modern, two-story home stands out from its neighbors thanks to … ...Read More


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